The Gypsy and his Wife Go To Italy for their 25th Wedding Anniversary

Party with Ronnie and Julie Stoots in Italy this summer as they take you with them for their 25th Wedding Anniversary, from the Amalfi coast south of Naples to Florence and beyond.

Ronnie and Julie Stoots plan their 25th Wedding Anniversary in Italy

Ronnie and Julie Stoots will take you on their anniversary trip to Italy

With a planned 25th Wedding Anniversary trip to Italy, Ronnie and Julie Stoots, go in a way back to their roots. Stoots kind of rhymes with Roots, so financial planner, musician, entertainer, singer/songwriter Stoots will probably write a song about this exiting trip to Europe.
Here is Ronnie’s account of how it all started way back when.

“They say opposites attract, and they were right.  She lived in a small community in southern Mississippi and was accustomed to routine.  I came from the city and was used to a more spontaneous lifestyle.  We were excited, in love and from two different worlds. Two worlds that couldn’t be farther apart. She liked to stay home and read, I liked to get dressed and go.

Nothing has changed much over the years except, she’s done quite a bit more traveling and I have read a few more books. Although, I have to admit, there’s been more traveling than reading since I did own a travel agency. Not that I don’t enjoy a good book, but it just always seemed like I could enjoy life more by seeing it, touching it and experiencing it, rather than read about it. I guess I’m a people person at heart.  Through the years I would often tease Julie:  “Just think, if you hadn’t married me, you would still be in Marion County, Mississippi right now.”  Of course her reply was always, “Yeah, well, I had no choice in the matter. After all I’m married to a Gypsy.”

Now, after twenty-five years of marriage, I am about to take her on a trip she will never forget. Better yet, it is a trip she really wants to take. Since she was a little girl, Italy has been her dream destination. And 2014 is the year it’s going to happen. But instead of going just the two of us, we have decided to go back to our roots and take a group with us. In fact, we have decided to start hosting trips all over Europe again.

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So if you would like more information about the Anniversary trip to Italy as well as future travel, please call Ronnie at 904.624.5502 or email him at

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