The Parrot Flower

The Parrot Flower is exceptional in beauty and hardly looks real.

parrot-flower1Have you ever seen the Parrot Flower? I received these photos in an email and their stunning appearance prompted me to see if this was a real flower. Immediately, I was greeted with news that many people believe the photo and the story of this Impatiens psittacina being a rare and exotic flower from Thailand, is simply a hoax.

As is turns out, this is indeed a real flower. Steve Lucas has a very interesting story about his research on this bird like bloom posted on the Web site, The claims that accompanied the photo, “Thai law made it illegal to own, collect, or export plants or seeds,” also appears to be true.

This spectacular flower is indeed unbelievable!

The final picture is of another species of impatiens that you can purchase and try to grow for yourself, the Impatiens Niamniamensis African Queen. It does not look like a parrot but it is beautiful just the same.


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