The Pillowman

In an interrogation room in an unnamed totalitarian dictatorship, Katurian Katurian, a writer, is being interrogated by two detectives. Next door, Katurian’s mentally disabled brother Michale waits. The detectives want to know why Katurian’s stories feature gruesome plots about child murder and torture, and in particular, why they seem to mirror a string of recent child murders in the area.

This intense thriller from Martin McDonagh, poses unanswerable questions: Can stories hold the power to cause atrocities? Where is the line between truth and fairy tale? Is a life of horror worth living at all? Drawing on inspiration as diverse as Grimm’s Fairy Tales, Kafka, and Antonin Artaud, The Pillowman is a dark and twisty story from one of Ireland’s most treasured writers.

(Rated R)

Eric Yarham – Michal
Ron Price – Tupolski
Zach Martin – Ariel
James Shelton – Katurian
Ava Thompson – Little Girl

Directed by Tener Wade

Studio 209 Performances:
8:00 PM January 12-13, 18-20
2:00 PM January 14

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