There is a Redbox Over Yonder

redbox-kioskWhat is that Redbox over yonder? In recent months we have seen the fast moving one dollar per video kiosk, Redbox, take over substantial market share from giants such as BlockBuster and Movie Gallery. Even Netflix is feeling the pain. Redbox is a clever technology driven neighborhood entertainment provider that will thrive supremely in the current economic conditions and beyond. Main attraction movies are only a couple of days to a week behind major chains, but instead of paying premium rental rates of $5 to $6 per movie at Blockbuster, the Redbox movie is available for $1 per day. That’s right, one buck. Their Web site is a lecture in simplicity and information. Besides operation, there are many quirky and funny features.

To find a Redbox location, and they are all located in high traffic areas, simply go to this webpage, type in your zip code and it will list where their vending machines are installed and whether they are indoors (with an access limitation) or outdoor. Here on the island we have four locations: MacDonald’s and Winn Dixie on 8th Street, Walmart on 14th Street, and one on the south end at Harris Teeter Supermarket. There is also a machine located at the Walmart Super Center on A1A in Yulee.

If I would have 8,000 plus stores like BlockBuster, I would fear for my company’s future. Imagine the cost of Real Estate, the labor force and the logistics alone?

Redbox shows how technology in combination with the internet is rapidly changing the movie distribution industry. If I look into the near future I see this Redbox machine not only operates as a movie dispenser, but can actually be a reproduction unit as well.
Just imagine downloading from one central point all the new movie releases in a week to the thousands of locations around the nation. The unit holds a couple of hundred blank DVD’s that get written, ink jetted and inserted into a jewel case. No labor involved.
The customer goes to the Web site and checks out which movies are available in each machine (yes you can find that on the website) and reserves it right there. No disillusion here. You drive to the machine you made the reservation for, insert your credit/debit card and plop – here is your entertainment for the evening. Cost: ONE DOLLAR

An additional smart marketing feature is the Redbox coupon codes. Sometime I watch movies for free for a whole week. I’m not going to tell you the secret here, but if you are out to save money, are tired of the reruns on regular TV and don’t have $30 to $40 a week to spend on movies, you may want to have your teenager figure this one out. Not that you have to be real computer savvy, but you know as well as I do that your teenager considers the computer and the internet as a natural additional lobe in their brain function. Believe me it’s worth it.

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