Tim Poynter Seeks Re-election

This was sent to SearchAmelia by a supporter of Tim Poynter and apparently you won’t find this ad in the local newspaper.
Tim Poynter Seeks Re-election

and I’m running for re-election to City Commission Group 4.

I support smarter government, not government as usual. Commissioners
must be able to THINK CREATIVELY to devise new ways for our city
government to WORK SMARTER and be more cost effective, so we can
hold the line on taxes and not cut our community programs and services.
I am the only City Commissioner to oppose the 2012-13 City Budget,
which dramatically increased our property taxes and electricity franchise
fee. I did so because I am tired of approaching the budget with only two
options – cut staff, services and programs, or raise taxes.
At the same time, I believe it’s essential that we INVEST IN OUR CITY
the alternative is decay, decline and lost prosperity. We must manage
our future, while we preserve our community’s unique character and

    • Committed to eliminating government waste and inefficiency.
    • Supports responsible development and managed growth.
    • Encourages City / County cooperation to reduce costs.
    • Supports stormwater management plan to end neighborhood flooding.
    • Supports beach renourishment to preserve our beaches and tourist industry.
    • Backs public / private investment.
    • Committed to revitalizing the waterfront and improving the library.
    • Seeks better communication and fellowship between City and residents.

For a better, smarter future for Fernandina Beach,
Please vote for me. Tim Poynter


An Experienced, Responsible, Independent, Innovative Leader
Paid for and approved by Tim Poynter for Fernandina Beach City Commission, Group 4

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