Tips for Returning to Work After Vacation

It seems that all good things must come to an end, and this is especially true with vacations.

after-vacationIt seems that all good things must come to an end, and this is especially true with vacations. Returning to work after a great vacation is really rough. You have to get back to the reality of getting up early, putting on office clothes, and commuting to work instead of spending the day seeing the sights and relaxing.

It is especially hard to be enthusiastic about the mountain of paperwork in your cubicle after experiencing the bright lights of Vegas, relaxing on the beach in Maui, or being pampered on a Caribbean cruise. Unfortunately, for most of us, we have to work hard to be able to afford to play hard.

Although the transition back to reality is daunting, there are ways to make your return easier to face.

-Set up an out of office email reply and change your voicemail message. If you let your fellow employees and clients know when you will be back, they may be less likely to jam your inbox while you are away.
-Don’t fill your calendar on your first day back. Give yourself time to go through your messages and email and to find out what happened while you were away.
-Clear your desk and try to finish up small tasks before you leave so that returning is not as overwhelming.

It is important to take your vacation time and take a break from the every day grind. It gives you time to reflect on your career choices, saves you from early burnout, and lets you re-energize. It is your time so use it well. While you are on vacation, have fun. Don’t think about work. Give yourself time to relax. Spend as little time as possible checking office email or voicemail. By letting work go a little, you will come back with a clearer mind.

When you get back, be sure to plan something fun so that you have something else to look forward to. Remember your vacation is your reward for a job well done. Don’t let the thought of going back to work detrimentally affect the quality of your vacation. Try to alleviate as much stress as possible on the front end so that you can ease back into your routine and return to reality with less apprehension.

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  1. TrishaOsborne

    And don't forget to plan your next vacation and wait for it until it happens:)) This will surely motivate your work knowing that you will have a nice reward at the end.
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  2. Joachim Stiler

    Good suggestion. Always easier when you have something to look forward to.

  3. Brian Wozniak

    Um. Thats how laziness began in the first place. When you return back from vacation, you shouldn’t read one those up above crappy advice columns

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