The Amelia Island Way to Deep Fry a Turkey
How to Deep Fry a Turkey
This is a classic video I pulled from the early SearchAmelia days showing you how to deep fry a turkey. This video was made before we had established a SearchAmelia channel on YouTube, but it is indeed worth watching again if you will be cooking your turkey outdoors.

Each year we fry eight, ten or more turkeys for our neighbors, friends and relatives throughout the day. My husband wakes up early to start the cooker and everyone has a scheduled time to show up with their bird. Because they take about 45 minutes to cook, plus additional time to prep the turkey and of course, to let the perfected poultry cool down, we get well over an hour to visit with each set of friends.

For our newer viewers, if you have ever been interested in learning how to safely deep fry your Thanksgiving turkey, this video is a timeless reminder.

For complete instructions and a list of needed supplies, visit the original article published on SearchAmelia two years ago by clicking on the following link:

Happy Thanksgiving!
Team SearchAmelia