Uncorking Party

Wine and Cheese, good company and of course... fabulous Cork purses, shoes, hats, boots and more!

Uncorking Party

Uncorking Party

Join Waterwheel Art Gallery for a wonderful evening exploring the wonderful world of Cork products. Cork handbags and accessories beautifully combine innovation, sustainability and top quality in unique pieces.

Waterwheel Art Gallery will be presenting a line of cork fashion accessories that will make your winter 2010 greener than any other! Usually only found in major cities around the world like New York, Tokyo and Los Angeles and now here on Amelia Island.

    Thursday, December 9th
    4 – 7 Pm
    Waterwheel Art Gallery
    5047 First Coast Hwy
    Fernandina Beach, FL 32034

Wine and Cheese, good company and of course… fabulous Cork purses, shoes, hats, boots and more!

The Truth about cork:
Many people are under the false impression that the cork oak tree is endangered or becoming less available. The truth of the matter is that the Cork Oak Tree grows readily throughout Portugal, Southern Spain, France, and Italy as well as in the similar regions of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

The cause of the decline in the number of cork trees is the inexplicable trend of using simulated corks in wine. The majority of cork has always been used to produce wine corks and with the declining call for wine corks, the loss in value of the trees results in the forests being cut down and re-appropriated as agricultural plantations. While the loss of these magnificent and incredibly functional trees is a travesty in its own right, the econiomic, cultural and environmental loss to the region and the world of such a life sustaining vessel which is supportive to human livelihood and animal habitat is staggering.

Without the forests, the world will lose the Ibizan lynx, the largest cat in Europe, several species of owls and numberous other creatures that can only survive in the environment harbored by the cork oak forests. Also the loss of these forests would be devastating to the more than 30,000 poeple in this region who are employed by the cork industry and who have inherited these trades from their fathers and their fathers before them.

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