Updating Fernandina’s Old Town and Downtown Design Guidelines

The Florida Division of Historical Resources awarded Fernandina a $19,500 grant, no match was required by the City.

Updating Fernandina's Old Town and Downtown Design GuidelinesThere is a Fernandina Beach Historic District Design Guidelines Workshop on Monday, November 19, 2012 at City Hall from 5:30 to 8:00 PM.

Come discuss updates to the Downtown and Old Town Historic District Design Guidelines, including:

    -Addressing preservation issues not included in the 1999 guidelines, such as:
    -Using new building materials and products
    -Historic preservation and sustainability
    -Retrofitting buildings for aging populations
    -Discussing specific issues, such as garages in new construction
    -Enhancing images and graphics in the guidelines, and
    -Making the documents more accessible to the public.

Fernandian Beach, FL – The guidelines are being updated to accomplish the following goals: incorporate historic preservation issues that were not addressed in 1999, provide an opportunity to enhance the images and graphics in the guidelines, and make the documents more accessible to the public. The guidelines are not being completely revisited from scratch, as most of the material is still applicable.

General historic preservation issues not included in 1999 that will be addressed include the increasing interest of property owners in using new building materials and products. Other topics that have emerged since 1999 are the relationship between historic preservation and sustainability, and retrofitting historic buildings for aging populations and those with disabilities. Various local preservation topics needing attention, such as the placement of garages in new construction, will also be addressed.

The updates will use color graphics and provide updated photographs and/or the use of drawings to illustrate architecture and preservation principles. Photos or drawings showing recommended options versus options that are not recommended may also be included.

Revisions are also planned to help make the documents easier to read. New electronic versions will be provided. Linked electronic files will be placed on the City’s website, so that readers may easily navigate within the documents.

The City solicited proposals in July for a consultant to complete the work. Five responses were received as part of the quote request and the evaluation committee recommended Thomason and Associates of Nashville complete the project. The City anticipates the project will take place through January 2013. Updates on the process will occur at meetings of the Historic District Council, to be determined.

The Florida Division of Historical Resources awarded the City a $19,500 grant to complete the updates. No match was required by the City. The guidelines were last updated in 1999 by the University of Florida.

For more information, please call the City of Fernandina Beach Community Development Department at 904-277-7325 or email Adrienne Burke at aburke@fbfl.org. For information on Thomason and Associates, please visit www.thomasonandassociates.com.

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