Using Social Media as a Force of NatureAs we continue to participate in National Severe Weather Preparedness Week, we’ve learned that by using social media, you too, can become a Force of Nature and help others be prepared when disaster strikes!

Being prepared for severe weather is about more than just protecting your family, it’s about being an example in your community. It means sharing weather alerts, preparedness tips and other information to save the lives of others – which is easy to do with social media outlets such as facebook and twitter.

Research shows that many people do not act when they hear the first tornado siren or other weather alert. They wait for confirmation from their friends or family that a tornado is in the area before taking action to seek shelter.

Help your friends and community by not only warning them when severe weather is on the horizon, but also by spreading the word about National Severe Weather Preparedness Week and sharing the information we have been posting all week to help everyone learn what is necessary to be prepared.

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