Valentine’s Day is now found offensive by those not currently in relationships, those who have floral allergies, those who identify as asexual, and others who are now voicing their disgust over the diaper clad Cupid and all he represents.

Since this day of romance promotes promiscuity and alcoholism, many countries have already starting banning this centuries old tradition.

Online bullying, harrassing and teasing have also been affiliated with Valentine’s Day “hoaxes”. Many consumers feel the government should step in and create more rules and laws to cut down on “false” love that may lead to fraud and the misleading of affection.

While I find myself sitting on the social and politically indifferent fence – on most issues – I just cannot stand by and let this one go!

After nearly 29 years of marriage, Cupid and his big ‘ole lacy heart have a place in… well, mine. Yes, we should love each other every day of the year, but romantic love tends to wane as relationships grow and our bodies mature beyond what we’d like to admit. So, yes, bring me a cardboard box of chocolates, a pair of silky drawers, or a bouquet of flowers that will be dead next week. I plan to cook an exciting dinner of surf and turf for my partner, and open a nice bottle of champagne for my lover. (Sounds mischievous, but it really is the same guy).

Sometimes a planned date night is just what we need. Leave spontaneous romance to every other night of the year.

For those still planning to boycott Valentine’s Day, well that is your choice… but for me? I choose to get frisky with the chubby little cherub.

I hope you get “lucky”, too! Happy Valentine’s Day!!!