Verifiable University Degree a Great Idea

My thoughts immediately turned to my 90 year old grandmother and all of the experience she has. Surely, she deserves a Doctorate!

Verifiable University Degree a Great IdeaI received an email yesterday from someone named Randal Bergman telling me how I could get a fully verifiable university degree!

“Wow!” I thought, “What a great idea.”

Randal’s email said, “Think of it, within four to six weeks, you too could be a college graduate. If you are more than qualified with your experience, but are lacking that prestigious piece of paper known as a diploma that is often the passport to success, this is your chance to finally make the right move and receive your due benefits.”

My thoughts immediately turned to my 90 year old grandmother and all of the experience she has. Surely, she deserves a Doctorate! She is especially difficult to buy a Christmas gift for, so after talking it over with my husband, maybe we should get her a verifiable degree this holiday season.

We pulled out our Christmas list and checked it twice, oh the deserving people we know. My son, who already has a Bio-chemistry Degree from an honors college deserves an MBA!

Our youngest daughter is 15 years old. We decided to get her a Batchelor’s Degree so we could save a fortune on her post high school education and she could go right into medical school.

Rapidly, we were checking others off of our list. Our oldest daughter is a single mom, that life experience is worth a masters!

I looked at Randal’s email again. “Many people share the same frustration, they are doing the work of the person that has the degree and the person that has the degree is getting all the money. Don’t you think that it is time you were paid fair compensation for the level of work you are already doing?”

“Yes,” we decided, “What a great idea!”

We decided to call him on Monday at (801) 461-5023 and sign us all up!

Image my surprise when I opened my emails on Sunday and found an email from my son, John.

“Hey Family,

Just wanted to write you, and let you know, how the degree program I tried out went. Well, six weeks later, I graduated, finished and received my Masters Degree with no study required and %100 verifiable.

“Honey!” I called out in a panic. “Read this email!” My husband came running and leaned in close over my shoulder to read what was displayed on the screen of my laptop.

The letter continued, “Yeah mom, I know you and Dad doubted it at first, but this turned out to be %100 legit. This opportunity was given to me because of the professional experience and previous course work I had accumulated.”

I looked at my husband and asked, “Who the Hell is John?”

We have three kids, none of them are named John. Then an odd thing happened. I received a second, identical email from Misty. A daughter we didn’t know we had!

I come from a very large family, but I think I would remember my offspring! Both letters referenced Susan and Cousin Joey, two more unknown relatives? Nope, I consulted the family tree and there were no Susans nor a Joey!

The letter(s) finished with, “Anyway, much love, and tell the rest of the family I said hello.
Your Son,

Mom, why don’t you send this email to a few of your friends? My professor told me that if we send over referrals the school can give us a scholarship.”

Well, Kids, if you think this program is so good, I’m sure you won’t mind my sharing your contact information with our SearchAmelia readership.

Randal Bergman

Misty Stringer

John’s phone number is: (801) 461-5023.

Ward Smallwood

Go ahead and send them an email or give them a call, we’d love to give them a proper welcome into the family!

Merry Christmas!!!

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  1. ameliadude

    I think I want a masters in something- maybe computer science or advertising! I am pretty sure I could get both. Everyone needs one!!!

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