Learn how to blow a boiled egg out of the shell

With a network of people around the world – yes SearchAmelia is now daily read by someone in every country around the globe – we receive daily videos and anecdotes from far-a-way places. Most of them are not expansive enough to warrant a complete story on but combined it can be pretty substantive.
Today I’d like to share some educational and entertaining videos I received last week. All submissions came as individual email attachments, which I edited together in two separate videos.

The first one shows scenes of teacher/student interaction in Three Classrooms; the first one in Egypt, the second one in Brazil and the third one in the USA (taken from the TV comedy Reno 911). You may agree with me that it’s funny, yet scary to think that we’re only a step behind reality.

The second video came from 4 different sources and I combined them as Handy Tips for miscellaneous occasions. I tried the first one and it worked and the third clip boggled my mind, so I had to try it. Boiled eggs are a standard ingredient in my cooking “magic” so I face the chore of peeling them several times a week. I already discussed the frustration I had a while back with deviled eggs from industrialized egg farms (the white eggs). They simply don’t peel without massacring the egg white. When I saw this video I run upstairs, get a boiled eggs out of the fridge and tried the trick. Works like a champ every time. One side note however: I only eat organic eggs, so I have no clue if it works on the other stuff they call eggs.

The last video clip depicts a situation I have seen numerous times down in the islands; no not the clouds, but the pick up scenes.

My apologies for the quality of the footage, which is not always the best, but I guess some of these clips were shot in smart phones or less. Nevertheless you’ll get the message.