Vietman Vet Gets Help with Critical Home RepairsFernandina Beach, FL – Partners can make a difference. Late last year, Nassau County Council on Aging (NCCOA) received a request from a Fernandina Beach resident for assistance. Mr. Bob Danker, a Vietnam War veteran, served as a member of a River Gun Boat team. Suffering from ill health, Danker needed assistance on a critical home repairs.

Pictured A volunteer helps paint the eaves of a house belonging to a local Vietnam Veteran. A large team of volunteers gathered at the home which was in disrepair, and worked together to bring the structure back up to code.
PHOTO by Frances Bartelt

NCCOA volunteers, supported by Home Depot’s Grant for Home Repairs for Veterans Outreach, completed the critical repair of his home in late 2014. However, there was much still to accomplish since the home had not been maintained for some time. This is where more local partners got involved.

During a recent tour of NCCOA’s Fernandina Beach Senior Center. C. A. McDonald, a Plant Manager at Rayonier Corporation, asked if two groups he is involved with, could help out. Bart Cormier, a COA volunteer suggested the groups volunteer and help complete the remaining work on Danker’s home.

The Alert Cadets, a father/sons organization, and members from the Redeemer Community Church tackled exterior pressure washing, siding replacement, fixing a leaky roof, demolition material removal, and a complete exterior paint job. Along with the Home Depot grant, Regional Community Church also donated some of the materials for this large home repair project.

Group image of Volunteers

Pictured: Bart Cormier, NCCOA volunteer positioned in the lower right, poses with the entire team of volunteers consisting of members of the Alert Cadets, members from the Redeemer Community Church and others who took time to help out an aging local veteran. The materials for this project were paid for by a Home Depot grant, and the members of the Regional Community Church.
Photo by Frances Bartelt

According to volunteer Bart Cormier, Nassau County is full of neighbors looking to lend a hand.

“There’s no doubt that the hearts of many in Nassau County want to express their love of neighbor for those that need a helping hand. In this case, much good was accomplished and strangers are strangers no more,” he explained.

In a few short weeks, the Danker home has been restored to good order. Thanks to the partnership of NCCOA, Home Depot, Alert Cadets and the Regional Community Church, a significant difference was made in the life of one man and his home. The synergy of this partnership multiplied the individual efforts and lessened the burden for each along the way. The success of this type of informal partnership could be contagious and spread. We hope it does.

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