Watching the Mayport River FerryWe have been keeping an eye on the Mayport River Ferry since the Jacksonville Port Authority brought up the subject. They say it is too expensive to keep the operation on their books.

While no official steps have been taken by JaxPort, local residents and business owners are rallying to “Save the Ferry.”

The most recent news, found on, includes a planned demonstration on both sides of the St. John’s River to show support for the ferry service to be held February 18th, at 2:00 PM. The Mayport ferry has been operating since 1948 and it is one of the last remaining public ferries in Florida.

About the JaxPort Board
JaxPort has an unpaid, appointed seven-member Board of Directors which provides policy guidance for the Authority. Four Board members are appointed by the Mayor of Jacksonville and three members are appointed by the Governor of Florida. Board members serve four-year terms and may be appointed to one additional term.

Board members meet once per month, and meetings are open to the public. To contact Jacksonville Port Authority Board Members, please email or call (904) 357-3036.

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