Welcome to Fernandina Beach

Business owners in Fernandina Beach put their heart, their soul, and their life's savings, into starting a business on Amelia Island.

Welcome to Fernandina Beach

Fernandina Beach

Many business owners in Fernandina Beach put their heart and soul, not to mention their life’s savings, into starting a business on Amelia Island. Many of these business owners, especially located on the 8th Street corridor heading towards the historic district, have so many signage restrictions they find it discouraging and are barely existing.

So it goes without saying that I was absolutely astonished with this eye-sore on the east side of 8th Street. It is okay with the city to have a delapidated trailer, (Could someone possibly be living in it?) and a broken down car – both up on blocks to welcome tourists to our fine city, but it is not okay for a business owner to hang a banner to advertise their specials?

More government intelligence at work!

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  1. publisher_sa

    Thanks for pointing that out Judie and while we're at it, can somebody tell me if there are any plans to take that eye sore on 8th St. that used to be some kind of cement plant out? You know that yellowish piece of rusted crap on the left of 8th across from Tire Kingdom. You'd be amazed what a couple of heavy duty bulldozers can do in a day and maybe a scrapyard will pick up the bill in exchange for the metal.

  2. Ameliaprivateeye

    Well, it appears the City is on top of things. They have just informed SearchAmelia that this piece of property is actually in the county! Good job Fernandina Beach authorities – even though it is still en eye-sore to visitors to Amelia Island, it is nice to know you cared enough to check it out! Thanks!!!

  3. publisher_sa

    Okay then let's go and address the issue with the county, because we're still looking at the same negative effect, just a different broom. By the way I have tried for 5 years to explain to my foreign visitors where the county ends and the city begins, but gave up a while ago. I actually think that the British Empire had a hand in it, considering how they drew borderlines in Africa and the Middle East. I know…..never mind.

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