What is Lomi or Hawaiian Massage?

If you think of massage as a powerful form of healing, then Lomi must be considered one of the most profound forms of massage.

Tony Crawford, L.M.T.Article contributed by: Tony Crawford, L.M.T.

What is Lomi or Hawaiin Massage? If you think of massage as a powerful form of healing, then Lomi must be considered one of the most profound forms of massage.

Where Lomi differs from traditional Swedish massage is simple. Lomi works the whole body and not just the individual parts; looking at the body not just as a group of muscles, but rather a complete being, allowing healing to take place on various levels.

With Swedish massage you can guess when it is time to turn over and when the massage is near comletion. Traditional massage therapists are taught to work the body from part to part which allows the client to anticipate which part will be worked on next.

Lomi works the whole body in a continuous rhythm of long flowing strokes. The therapist does what is best described as a dance around the entire body. They will then concentrate on an arm, or a leg, or the back, working as deeply as needed, and then go back to the full body dance. The therapist never really knows what part they will work on next. They are guided by their intuition as well as what your body tells them needs to be worked on.

This kind of spontaneous flow is designed to clear the client’s mind and allows them to relax into and receive the work. As important as the physical act of massage is during the session, the healing that can take place as the work is being done is as important.

The best example of what Lomi is intended to do is very simple. Think of yourself as an empty bowl the day you were born. All along your path in life, the bowl gets full of stones. Those stones show up due to the everyday stress of your life, your work and your relationships. Lomi is designed to bring you to a safe and loving space where you can, should you chose to, throw out some of those stones and to come out of the session lighter and with a greater sense of well-being.

The Hawaiians think of the body as being a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual whole. When healing takes place on one level, then healing will take place on all levels.

I have been a Massage Therapist for 16 years. I am licensed in Florida, #MA0027867. I graduated from the Swedish Institute in New York City and have studied Lomi for the last seven years throughout the country. I am a member of the Advisory Committee for Florida State College at Jacksonville and teach in their Massage Program.

I work on an outcall basis coming to the comfort of your home, office, or hotel.

Please feel free to call should you have any questions concerning Lomi, my practice, or where Lomi training is available. (904) 557-8350.

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  1. Dawn Grant

    I had a Lomi massage by Toni and it was THE most relaxed I had ever felt during and after the massage. It was the first time I had ever had a Hawaiian massage and it convinced me that it is the only kind of massage I ever want to have! Toni is a great person and his calm, caring nature and deep desire to help people comes through in his work. I refer clients and friends to him regularly, who end up just as amazed and pleased as I have been. I look forward to my next Lomi massage!

  2. Judith Harris

    I am a 68 year old woman who has been using massage, along with traditional western medicine and Chiropractic care; to manage Degenerative Disk Disease, Osteo Arthritis, and Fibromyalgia, for the last 30 years. The benefit I get from the Lomi massage that Tony does, is superior to anything I have ever before experienced. Tony is not just a Massage Therapist, he is truly a healer. I will never go back to other types of massage or to any other Therapist. My Chiropractor is amazed at the improvement she sees in my body, and my adjustments are not only easier and better, but they last longer. At first, I was a bit uncomfortable seeing a male therapist; but Tony was so highly recommended to me that I overcame my reluctance, and I found Tony to be very sensitive to my self consciousness, and very caring and considerate. Everyone I know who has had one of Tony’s Lomi massages, tells me that they agree, there is nothing like it, and that they will stick with Tony and Lomi forever.

  3. Nancy Shores

    Way to go, Tony! It’s a paradox-now YOU are in “good hands” with the Search Amelia team. Told you so. I enjoyed the Lomi article. By the way, guess who will be studying Lomi Lomi this weekend?

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