What were the Shockers This Week

No one these days can cover all the media and what they bring as news. My weekly shockers may present something worthwhile knowing about.

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I’m having fun with these weekly shockers and the reactions I’m getting. Turns out that time constraints and diversified focus on what is happening around the country and planet, makes many of us oblivious to the “news”. And who can blame us with so many media and messages inundating us every day. Well following stories played some clarifying role of importance for me this week; maybe some will also clarify some positions that eluded you.

TV Sitcoms

Unfortunately enough one shocker was Charlie Sheen setting a Guinness World Record by collecting 1,000,000 followers on Twitter in 25 hours and 17 minutes. It kind of makes me wonder about 1. the value of Twitter as a communication item 2. the intellectual poverty of a million degenerates 3. my own sense of humor

As an avid watcher of the sitcom Three and a Half Men, I have spend the last week watching some of the reruns and not only are his co-stars as good or better actors than he is, he should have realized the pecking order of a successful production, whether it’s music, theater, dance or TV. Without the writers and word smiths developing the story lines and punch lines, the actors are blanks. Chuck Lorre, the guy that Charlie has it out for has proven time and again now that his team’s production approach delivers quality entertainment. Other comedy productions such The Big Bang Theory and the last addition Mike and Molly are clear proof to that. Sheen might be talking an earful about winning in his recent avalanche of interviews, but this is a fight he won’t win, because without Lorre’s team he is a mediocre actor with no funny lines to say.

The Economy

Next thing that shocked me this week is the ease with which everyone has accepted the belief that the economy has turned around now that for the first time in several years, there is supposed to be a re-hiring going on in the private sector. Interestingly the medias use a global operating company such as UPS to make their point. UPS apparently has 150 (??!!) salaried jobs in the offering, after they let go off 1,800 workers in January of 2010 and another 300 pilots sometime in April of last year. What really shocks me is the abominable quality of today’s mainstream reporting and the intellectual connection to the topics they write about, while in the process creating an economically gullible population. Yes it is ok to be positive and optimistic (even I am to a controlled degree), but it shocks me to find out how many people still trust the mainstream media when it comes to their livelihood, without critically checking the facts behind the stories.

Washington Budget’s Dance

Okay and then there is the budget spending cut circus that shocks me, although it shouldn’t because it’s just more of the same old, same old. Washington on both sides of the fence are spinning billions around political crap statements. Here is the latest on Democrats meeting Republicans halfway. The problem is that both sides are starting with Obama’s proposed budget for 2011, which never came close to being enacted into law. Presidential budget blueprints never do. Nonetheless, the GOP suggested $100 billion in spending cuts from that proposal. (on trillions of deficit mind you)
Compared with actual current spending levels, the GOP’s proposed cuts come out to around $61 billion.

The White House math is similarly fuzzy. The White House gets to its $50 billion figure by first counting $40 billion of proposed cuts from Obama’s never-passed 2011 budget that were included in a proposed spending bill that itself was never enacted.
On top of that phantom $40 billion, the White House adds $4 billion in cuts to current spending levels that the president signed into law this week as part of a two-week stopgap spending measure. And on Thursday, when Vice President Joe Biden headed to Capitol Hill to kick off negotiations on legislation to fund the government until the Sept. 30 end of the spending year, the White House announced it was putting forward an additional $6.5 billion in cuts.
That brings to $10.5 billion the amount the White House is trying to cut from current spending levels, compared with $61 billion the Republicans want. Go figure how this will really help getting spending down. Politically however both parties can go back to their base and tell them they stuck to their campaign promises.

Singularity Explained

During several recent essays I have used the concept term Singularity and was surprised to find out how many people have no clue what it really means and why I think it is already making a deep impact on humanity. To explain the concept I’m going to refer to Ray Kurzweil , who is arguably the most prominent Singulartarian at this time. He explains that Singularity is a future period during which the pace of technological change will be so rapid, its impact so deep, that human life will be irreversibly transformed.” The key concept is that we are rapidly arriving at the point where we humans are able to use technology to transcend the physical limitations of our biological minds. Just think in these terms; more powerful computers will create even more powerful computers at a rate the human mind can hardly comprehend (at this point). I always compare it to the rapid increase of total human knowledge which is now doubling at a rate of every 6 months. I have learned more from 3 years working on the Worldwide Web, than in 50 years of formal and informal education. How about you…and does it scare you or excite you?

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