White Oak Conservation Center Fundraiser
White Oak Conservation Center Fundraiser
White Oak Conservation Center, a wildlife research facility in Nassau County, Florida, is hosting a fundraising adventure, “A Celebration of White Oak” on Sunday, March 7, from noon to 4:00 PM.

One of the Conservation Center’s goals is to rehabilitate and then release these animals to natural areas. “This effort is aimed at genetically enhancing and supplementing seriously threatened wild populations. To date, black rhino, Florida panthers, roan antelope, and Mississippi sandhill cranes have been released into refuges within their natural range.”

“A Celebration of White Oak” is your opportunity to learn more about these magnificent animals living at White Oak.

The afternoon includes specialized tours of the Conservation Center, staff presentations, a silent auction and a fabulous lunch for only $150.00 per person. ($75.00 of that fee is tax-deductible.)

For more information contact the White Oak Conservation Center at 904-225-3396 or visit the website at www.WOCenter.org. I know if I could afford the $150.00 to participate in this unbelievable and exciting opportunity, I would not miss this experience. Make your reservation today!

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