Why a Family Tree Template is the Perfect Gift

When selecting a family tree template to use to make a special gift, consider the age of the recipient and the occasion as well as the amount of information you have on hand.

It can be difficult to choose the perfect gift for many occasions. Maybe the person is someone who has everything or maybe he or she is picky about gifts. If you want to give a gift that is from the heart and will be unlike anything else he or she receives, choose a framed family tree gift.

Perfect for Birthdays and Anniversaries
A family tree printed on nice paper and framed makes a wonderful gift for a birthday or anniversary. With so many templates available, you can personalize it. For instance, you will want to include both sides of the family for an anniversary gift. A bow-tie family tree template is the ideal style for this project. When giving it as a birthday gift, you can choose to go backward into the family history for a younger person or forward for someone who is older. You may list all of their children and grandkids with their name at the center. A historian would love to get a family tree that goes back in time to another century if you have the information.

Perfect as a Wedding Gift
Making a family tree is a wonderful way to celebrate the joining of two families. Commemorate this special occasion by making a bowtie family tree that lists both ancestries. You can choose to keep it simple with just three or four generations or you can be more extensive with six or eight. Because the two lines are separated, they are easy to read. They join together in the middle with the young couple getting married. Print this family tree template on fancy cardstock or parchment paper and select a nice frame to create an unforgettable gift.

Perfect for a Baby Shower
Expectant mothers will enjoy a family tree for their little one. This is a one-of-a-kind gift that touches the heart. There is no need for you to do a lot of research. Just choose a simple three or four generational model and fill out the names of the baby’s parents and grandparents. The baby’s name goes in the center of the template. If a name has not been selected yet, you can simply say Baby (Last Name). For this template, try to choose a design that includes a fun visual. It may have an actual tree in the background with the names hanging off the branches. You can also choose a template that allows enough room for photos instead of just names. Once it is framed, it makes a lovely picture to hang in the nursery.

When selecting a family tree template to use to make a special gift, consider the age of the recipient and the occasion as well as the amount of information you have on hand. If you want to do a lot of research into the family history, you will want to start early. However, a simple family tree template can offer just as much meaning and express your feelings without a lot of extra work on your part.

About the author:
Suzie Kolber created http://obituarieshelp.org/free_printable_blank_family_tree.html to be the complete online resource for “do it yourself” genealogy projects. The site offers the largest offering of family tree charts online. The site is a not for profit website dedicated to offering free resources for those that are trying to trace their family history.

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