WOCC Welcomes Pair of Cheetah Cubs

WOCC Welcomes Pair of Cheetah CubsNassau County, FL – White Oak Conservation Center is celebrating two of our newest residents, a pair of female cheetah cubs. These cubs are the offspring of Pia and Duma. This is the second litter for Pia. Duma has sired several litters, including one last year!

The two female cubs are being hand-raised because their mother was unable to produce enough milk to feed them. When the cubs were newborns, they were fed by bottle 9 times a day by our keepers. Today they receive a raw meat diet 4 times a day.

These cubs are being raised as part of our ambassador program to help teach the importance of cheetah conservation to guests at the Conservation Center.

Currently there are fewer than 10,000 cheetahs in the wild. This is the first litter for WOCC this year. Last year, two litters were born at White Oak Conservation Center.

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