Yellow Fly Bites are Nasty

I must be allergic to yellow flies. When they snack the area swells, turns red, is hot to the touch and I get nauseated.

Yellow Fly Bites are Nasty

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May and June seem to be the busiest time of the year in Northeast Florida for those nasty yellow flies. You may not notice when they land on you, but you will notice when they bite! I am on a personal mission to reduce the population of these pesky blood-suckers.

I must be allergic to their bites as each time they snack the area swells to the size of a bread plate, turns red, is hot to the touch and I get nauseated. After the swelling goes down, the bites itch like crazy!

These flies, from the Tabanidae family, congregate under the shade of my oak trees along the green belt which is in my backyard. They tend to be most active in the late afternoon and make going outside a risky endeavor this time of the year.

I found this home remedy on Walton Outdoors, courtesy of the South Walton Mosquito Control and they claim it not only provides bite and sting relief from a yellow fly bite, but also mosquitos, chiggers and jellyfish bites.

1 tsp. baking soda
1/3 cup ammonia (Windex is mostly ammonia)
1/3 tsp. papain (meat tenderizer)
1 crushed aspirin

Mix thoroughly and store in refrigerator (be sure to label container). When needed, shake well and apply with cotton swab, and rub briskly.


  1. Cynnielynn

    Let us know if it works.  I hate those pesky flies!

  2. charnisay Dauer

    Folks, the very best and simplest cure for yellow fly bites is meat tenderizer mixed with a little water. Use as little water as possible and sprinkle on a good bit of meat tenderizer, and rub it in briskly (until almost dry). Then just leave it alone. Let it stay on for 2 or 3 hours, even though the stinging will stop after a few minutes. Your bites are gone. Meat tenderizer has enzymes that break down the “poison”. Apply this ASAP. Works on mosquito bites also, as well as many other types of bites or stings.

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