Your New Year’s Get Fit Resolution is not Over

I keep plugging away at reducing the number on my scale, and better yet, watching the size of my jeans go down.

Your New Year's Get Fit Resolution is not OverSo we have made it past the first quarter of 2012, have you given up on your New Year’s resolution to get fit? Have you even started? I know many folks who have been “meaning” to get in the gym since January first. Well, it has been three months, what are you waiting for?

With the beautiful weather, more people are exercising outside. Start with a long walk, start by counting calories, start by drinking more water… just START!

I know how difficult it is to lose weight. I weighed nearly 300 pounds at my heaviest and the last thing I wanted to do was be seen trying to exercise, let alone be seen at the gym in skin tight clothing! Ugh!

I’m nowhere near my goal weight, so I keep plugging away at reducing the number on my scale, and better yet, watching the size of my jeans go down. This week is spring break in Nassau County, Florida and that has me thinking about bathing suit season! I live at the beach, so putting on a bathing suit is a pretty big motivator. I bought the smallest sized swim suit I had worn since high school last summer, and I am excited to shop for a new one this year that is one size smaller.

Starting a healthy program does not have to happen on January first. It doesn’t even have to start on a Monday… but it does have to start sometime!

Instead of looking for excuses NOT to exercise, try looking for reasons you should! Here are five great ones to get you started:

    -To have a healthier heart
    -To lose weight
    -To take fewer prescriptions
    -To have more energy
    -To look fabulous at an upcoming vacation, wedding or reunion

Start getting fit for your loved ones, or more importantly, do it for yourself! Remember, YOU are the only one who can make this commitment!

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