Yulee gets Les Mills and Zumba Fitness Classes

RPM Cycling, Body Pump and Body Flow will all be offered for members of this "out of the ordinary" fitness center.

Yulee gets Les Mills and Zumba Fitness Classes

Rae Lane and Bill Comai

The Club in Yulee opens Monday, February 7, 2011 offering group fitness classes designed by the renowned Les Mills. RPM Cycling, Body Pump and Body Flow will all be offered for members of this “out of the ordinary” fitness center. An additional popular fitness class, Zumba, will also be offered.

Just over a year ago fate and a lot of coincidence allowed me to meet the owner of CLUB 14 FITNESS as we video-taped our son start his way back to becoming the athletic and fit person he had always been until falling on a little hard luck and gaining a lot of weight. Over a period of two months, I got to witness a lot of the group fitness classes he was a part of, and also created a friendship with Rae Lane and her staff.

At the time fitness to me was riding for thirty minutes a couple of times a week on the stationary bike we had spent a fortune on. Most of the time, we faced the difficulty of moving everything that was piled on it to actually use it. We would also try and get up early a couple of days a week to walk on the beach, but there were always way too many excuses.

I figured at least we were doing something!

Body Pump in Yulee

Body Pump

After finally biting the bullet and becoming members of Club 14 the whole family slowly but surely started to spend time there. I stuck to my routine of doing things by myself and working hard on the excuses I could make for not joining in on the group fitness routine. After a couple of months of hounding by my wife, son and daughter, I gave in and went to my first RPM cycle class. I realized right then why so many people enjoy the camaraderie and competition of these classes. It became easier and easier to talk myself into going and I was getting the most incredible workout that you can get in a minimal amount of time.

Soon enough I was trying to get to every class and started looking forward to seeing everyone and the instructors, and sweating profusely. I eventually was talked in to trying a Body Pump class and soon grew as fond of it as I am of RPM.

Over the last two months myself, my family, and friends have been fortunate enough to be able to spend many hours working side by side with the two co-owners of the Club in Yulee, Rae Lane and Bill Comai, helping their project come to fruition.

Saturday evening we were invited to an appreciation party at The Club put on by the owners to thank everyone who helped demolish and rebuild the space into what it is today. Having just recently started The Forever Fit Challenge at Club 14, I figured we would go out there for an hour so we would not be tempted to indulge in food we were not supposed to eat and drink things we were not supposed to drink.

It seems somewhere along the line I forgot who was throwing the party- fitness experts!!!

The Club in Yulee

Celebrating The Club in Yulee

The food was healthy and the drink was too. We ended up staying much longer than anticipated and had one of the most enjoyable evenings, as impromptu Body Pump and Zumba classes came about.

If you have not tried any group fitness classes before – now is the time to check some out. With their ingenious per class or multiple class pricing you can try them out and see what you like for your own fitness workout.

Congratulations on making me a group fitness junkie and I hope to help you build your third, fourth and maybe fifth new Club.

For more information, go to www.theclubinyulee.com. You will find class schedules and pricing there. Hope to see all of Yulee there for classes.


  1. ameliadude

    Congratulations Rae and Bill!!! Hiope this is extremely succesful for you and the people in Yulee and Fernandina who can take advantage of it.

  2. Rae Lane

    A great big THANK YOU to the Search Amelia team for such a great article and all your help in getting us open. Yulee is about to get in shape!

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