Friends of the Library’s Third Annual Storytelling Slam was a huge success. Held on September 30, 2016, nearly 200 people enjoyed a reception in the courtyard at St. Peter’s before going inside to hear five storytellers compete for the overall best prize.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without our generous sponsors and wonderful volunteers,” said Dee Torre, FOL president. Several organizations and many volunteers contributed their time and talents to ensure a great evening.

Special “thanks” to Lulu’s Restaurant for providing delicious hors d’oeuvres, John Gould of Eventcraft for providing the sound and lighting equipment, and Mike Harrison and Doug Leatherby for operating the equipment. Also, many “thanks” to Scott Worley, general manager, and Jim Vondane, wine department manager, for the very generous contributions that Harris Teeter made for the evening.

Attendees were serenaded by the Amelia Island String Ensemble consisting of Conductor/Coach/Artistic Director Shelby Trevor; Sara Albertelli, violin; Joseph Marasco, violin; Kirk McEachern, viola; Judith Ward, cello; and Will Howery also on the violin. Their musical contribution helped set the stage and make it a special evening.

“Without a dress rehearsal and against a four-hour countdown, working together, at 5:30 we were ready for our audience,” FOL Volunteer Chair, Jody Mackle said. “The Friends of the Library are fortunate in their volunteer group who seem to be up for anything.” Other helpers included Fernandina Beach High School (FBHS) Interact students, Amanda Sell and Kristin Kilburn.

Emcee, Doug McDowell, kept the audience entertained as he introduced the storytellers. The evening’s theme was “I Was So Embarrassed” with each storyteller recounting an episode from his or her past.

Marsha Phelts was the winner with her hilarious story. You had to be there to appreciate it, but as a hint, it involved a pair of pink underdrawers. Runner up was Thea Seagraves with a story that rang true with everyone who has been the new kid in school.

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