5 Foods and Beverages to Avoid For Snow White Teeth

People work hard at making their teeth white, but then consume foods and drinks that take their teeth whitening campaign five steps back.

snow-white-teethDo you want to be in the same league with celebrities when it comes to having gleaming white teeth? Most people work so hard at making their teeth pearly white, but then continue taking foods and beverages that take their teeth whitening campaign five steps back.

To have and maintain a bright white smile, avoid these foods and drinks like a plague:

Red wine to be specific is a double, if not triple, whammy. This wine is acidic and contains high levels of chromogens. Red wine is also full of tannins. Tannic acid etches your tooth enamel. This causes the color to ooze right into your teeth. Before you know it, your pearly whites are stained with an awful purplish-red shade. Sipping red wine during dinner only is enough to leave dark stains on your teeth. White wine is no good either. Although it is not as disastrous as red wine, white wine contains high acid and tannin levels meaning your teeth are still susceptible to staining.

Tomato and soy sauce
Soy sauce has a deep-colored pigment which is nasty to the teeth. Tomato sauce is frighteningly acidic. All these wipe any whiteness in your teeth within a few days. Protect your gleaming white teeth by taking a spinach salad prior to enjoying pasta or pizza. Spinach is effective at forming a thick protective layer on your teeth. If you must take soy sauce, ensure you rinse your mouth with plenty of water or green tea after eating.

Cherries, blackberries, beets, and blueberries are tough on white teeth. They contain elements that cause staining and discoloration to your teeth. Light colored grapes are a great alternative. You should also avoid all fruits with citric acid as it corrodes the enamel. Be sure to floss or brush your teeth after taking any fruit with acidic components. This will help reduce risks associated with discoloration or staining.

Have you ever taken candy that brings a different color to your tongue and mouth? Well, this is exactly what happens to your teeth. Many sweets have coloring agents like red or blue dyes. They can also have vegetable juices. All these promote teeth staining. You should also be on the lookout for culprits such as popsicles. To avoid permanent staining, eat candies in moderation.

Tea and coffee
These dark beverages contain tannic acid thus making them big offenders in regards to teeth staining. The tooth enamel or outer layer is highly porous. Since coffee is rich in chromogens, your teeth are prone to change from snow white to a dark unattractive shade. Just like coffee, tea is also a crook to teeth whiteness because of high tannin levels. To be on the safe side, opt for white, green, or herbal tea.

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