5 Things to Take on Your Next RoadtripContributed by: Casey Haslem

The open road beckons, and you answer its call with a road trip. Whether you’re driving a few short hours over the course of a day or setting out for an extended excursion, be sure to include these five items to ensure optimum fun on your trip.

Cell phone
It may be tempting to leave your cell phone at home during a road trip. Think twice, though, since cell phones are useful for more than just communication. Maps can help you maneuver through detours and the GPS feature in cell phones is often valuable. Apps that help you find hotels, restaurants, and points of interest as well as Streamline Vacation Rental Software may also prove helpful. Beyond that, your camera can serve as your camera to document all the fun. Remember, just because you bring your phone doesn’t mean you have to accept calls and texts.

There’s nothing worse than dead air, and remote areas are notorious as dead spots for radio reception. Even if you find plenty of radio stations in an area, there’s no guarantee that their playlists match your musical tastes. Guard against it with a road trip playlist. Bring your mp3 player or a CDs to make sure you have music that is fitting for any mood that may strike you.

Road trips can make a person hungry, so bring along a stash of food and drinks. A soft-sided cooler takes up little space and is the perfect way to carry bottled drinks. Get your ice from hotels and you’re all set. Healthy snacks and fun treats can help you avoid the cost and calories of fast food. A picnic at a roadside park is always a fun option as well.

Comfie cozies
Road trips are laid back and comfortable, so you should be too. Wear comfortable clothes, and bring along some of the comforts of home. A familiar pillow can assist in a good night’s sleep, and a small blanket can ward off the chill of the air conditioner.

Road trips bring a sense of freedom, but don’t throw caution to the wind. Make sure you pack such essentials as a first aid kit, sunscreen, hand sanitizer, and sunglasses. Jumper cables and a spare set of keys are also great to have on hand.

Whether your road trip is months in the making or spur of the moment, don’t forget the essentials. A little preparedness ensures your trip will be memorable, safe, and fun.

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