6 Addictions To Be Aware of While TravelingBy: Casey Haslem

Everyone looks forward to holidays, vacations, and traveling. Whether it is a long weekend or an extended trip, there is so much excitement to look forward to, especially when it is a family trip. However, there are challenges when a loved one has been a victim of addiction. When all family members pay close attention and keep their guard up, they can help a recovering addict to avoid temptation. Here are six things to be aware of during a trip that can cause addiction, especially for someone who has already fallen prey to substance abuse.

Look out for motion sickness medication
Any type of medication, even over the counter varieties, are a danger to the recovering addict. Think twice before giving motion sickness medicine to someone who has struggled with substance abuse. That medication could be the first step toward falling into bad habits once more. If travel sickness is a problem, try other solutions. Have the person with that issue drive or sit up front. Open the windows to keep fresh air in the car. Use air conditioning to keep conditions cool. It might also help to allow the victim of motion sickness to sleep.

The same goes for sleeping pills
It may be hard to get enough rest on vacation and sleeping pills are a temptation. Go for early morning or late night walks instead to help a recovering addict be able to sleep.

Avoid alcohol consumption
While this is obvious for the alcoholic, alcohol is not a good idea for any recovering addict. It could become a replacement for the source of addiction. Choose non-alcoholic varieties. Have fun finding great smoothies and others interesting beverages.

Don’t fall for cigarette
Smoking is another big no-no for anyone, including the recovering addict. There are going to be cravings and triggers that could add fuel to the fire. It would be too easy to fall into the trap of smoking, leading to another form of addiction that is a health risk as well.

Go easy on the caffeine
Believe it or not, even caffeine can be a problem for someone who is recovering from substance abuse. Keep coffee to a limit or go with a decaffeinated version.

Gambling could mean trouble
Gambling is a risk for addicts as well. It’s another fix for someone lacking the drug of choice.

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