A Good Hair Dresser is about Talent, not Attitude

Finding a talented and reliable hair dresser is especially important for a woman when she moves into a new community. Island Girl had her moments of misery on the first two attempts, but found her magician and the third go-around.

Talent is the answer, not attitude

Talent is the answer, not attitude

While standing in line at the Flea & Tick sale, (one of my favorite pastimes) I overheard a woman complaining to her friend about her recent haircut. Obviously she was not happy about it. As usual, I cannot help but be of assistance. (aka interject my two bits) so in the ensuing conversation I informed her about a little hair salon that may go unnoticed because they are not all “glitz and glam”, kind of like Wall Street versus Main Street, and located in a strip mall.  The woman took my suggestion, I saw her shortly thereafter and she thanked me with a huge smile on her face. Yes, her hair looked much better.

Long story, short…
When I first moved to the island about 4 years ago, I visited two expensive salons. The first one, I explained what I wanted and came out five inches shorter than what I asked for. I guess he thought he knew better what I wanted than I did. Can you say, “ego”. Needless to say, not happy about that experience, especially since it cost me $75 and I never went back. Mind you, I’m not new to haute coiffure, having been in front of a TV camera for several years.

The second, I was not a regular (yet)… and consequently I was treated to an extremely long wait (as she chatted on the phone) even though I had made an appointment. Sure, my hair was nice, but was attached to a price tag of $250 for a haircut and color and that did not include the tip. Presidential prices, I’d call that. OUCH!
I decided to look elsewhere and thank goodness I did.
The next time I happened upon “Shear Fantasy” and the “magician” (as I like to call her) Vicki.

Shear Fantasy is located between Walmart and Winn-Dixie on the island.
Vicki LISTENS to what you want, she takes time with you, she does not let her ego get in the way; a common mistake with hairdressers.  She wants YOU to be happy. Delightful salon, delightful person, perfect hair each and every time. The icing on the cake? Shampoo, haircut and styles start at $25 for women, men are $15 and they also have specials.
Goes to prove that spending tons of money does not always provide you with a quality product.
This is my thank you for always helping and making me look younger and being a true artist with a heart.

Going to a “hip” salon, $ 250
Hair TOO short by Mr. Ego, $75
Having hair “fixed right” and feeling like a million bucks, PRICELESS!

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  1. tommylee

    I second. Hum, being man Vicky is very thoughtful in her styling. Even when I say: “Have a field day”!

  2. tommylee

    I second. Hum, being man Vicky is very thoughtful in her styling. Even when I say: “Have a field day”!

  3. blacklablover

    Right on, Island Girl! Your story reminds me of a hairdresser long gone from the island, who years ago had the reputation of styling everyone's hair to look just like hers-whether it was requested or not. And it was not cheap to come out looking just like her.

  4. blacklablover

    Gee, if a writer attends every event, will there be time to write?

  5. Vicki

    You are the absolute BEST!! Thank you!! I love you lots! And its always my pleasure to see your beautiful smiling face coming in the door!!

  6. Judy Hutchison

    Really nice article and I agree!

  7. lisasimmons

    I would never go to another hair stylist. Vicky is the best at what she does.

  8. jsimmons_2010

    I agree…..no one but Vicki cuts my hair…..the best of the best!!

  9. Linda Bowser

    I also agree, but being up here in Pennsylvania, I cannot make the trip to
    Amelia every month….Wish I could.

  10. Island Girl

    Love you too. How rare to find someone that is so talented, makes you feel like a million bucks every time and you can call a friend. : )

  11. ambergaukerman

    I know she always looks great… wish you could come to Ohio, I need a makeover…please, you can stay with me….

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