A Mental Trip Back in Time

Memories of Heidelberg...uh Bamberg, But close.

Beautiful Central European Architecture in Bamberg

Beautiful Central European Architecture in Bamberg

The year was 1964 and I was on my way to Ft. Jackson, SC, for basic training with the U.S. Army.  I had made the decision to join the Army before I was drafted, I thought it would be better.  Basic training was no walk in the park, we all made it through and then it was on to Ft. Knox for tank training.  It was in Ft. Knox that we all had an opportunity to request where we wanted permanent duty.  Of course the Vietnam war was raging and no one wanted to go there, except for a few die hards.

I requested Southeast Asia along with a few more RA’s, (regular army) while everyone else requested Europe.  On the day the assignments came out we were all shocked to see that those of us who put in for Southeast Asia were assigned to Europe and those who put in for Europe were headed to Asia; shows you how much the army cared about a request. I was stationed in Bamberg Germany with the 2nd Cavalry.  I really liked Germany and the people.  The American GI was for the most part welcomed every where we went.  It took me no more than one trip downtown to become a fan of the beer and the food.

I had a rare opportunity to travel and I visited many cities in Germany and other countries as well.  I made four trips to Greece and visited relatives.  Travel was great then, I flew out of Rhein-Main air base outside of Frankfurt on a military hop for $1.00.  Not bad for a flight to the air base in Athens.

Bamberg was a beautiful little town with many great sites to visit along with a real castle.  One of the places on my bucketlist (before I get too old) is to go back to Germany and spend some time in my old military home town of Bamberg.  My tour of duty with the Army was something I would not trade for anything in the world.  I made friends that have lasted for many years.  I still talk to my old friend Howard, who later became famous with the band War, at least five times a week and that is what I consider a lifelong friendship.

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