A Struggle Against Adversity

Judie and I learned a lot of what could qualify as a steep Internet Learning Curve, especially where it pertains to Google's potential power play.

A Struggle Against AdversitySometimes adversity tests us to the max and we wonder in sequence, “Why us?” and “How are we going to deal with this?”

When we unexpectedly lost our friend, brother and webmaster on July 30, Judie and I, as remaining partners in SearchAmelia shook off the desperation of the loss and the shear enormity of the learning curve we were facing because we wanted to continue on the level SearchAmelia was already operating – with some 35 thousand visitors a day.

We learned and we overcame. Learning a bit more every day we gained control over some 75 web domains, that were left “leaderless” from one moment to the next. There was no control and very limited accessibility when we started. We learned the hard way that if all odds play against you and there are no usernames and passwords to websites and sub domains retrievable, you have to become decisive and creative.

The Romans had an epic expression for that struggle: Luctor et Emergo
We struggled and stayed afloat would be the best translation.

Yet those close to us knew that we would never be satisfied to just stay afloat. So we set out to become even more intense and daring, adding new technology to better the performance of the website. Unfortunately the reigning king of today’s world, named GOOGLE, in its infinite assumption decided to throw us another curve-ball on the weekend of September 22nd, by attaching a warning on some browsers that visiting SearchAmelia could harm people’s computers.

Of course we took instant action in the assumption that GOOGLE was right that our website might harbor potential malicious software, placed there by some individual with a beef with us or the world or life in general or… who knows, the Jacksonville Jaguars!

Expensive experts offered the advice that with a website the size of SearchAmelia, patience was the best approach if we had to view and search some 5,500 pages for those malicious critters. To put this monstrous task in perspective, most websites feature maybe 20 to 30 pages and a handful of posts, which calculates into a day of absence from the Worldwide Web at best.

After numerous email exchanges, telephone conversations and painstakingly going through the back end of the website, it eventually became apparent that the website SearchAmelia was never the target, incubator or carrier of the alleged “virus”. Now to understand how a website like SearchAmelia works, one has to envision a basic car with 4 tires, an engine, a gas and brake pedal and a steering wheel as the frame to build from. It drives and that is all it does. If you want functionality and visibility you start loading the extras.

In website lingo this means you purchase and test plug-ins and additional software that does a specific job for your website needs. In our case some of these functions include:

• Discount Coupon Pages
• Directories
• Dedicated Web Pages for Customers
• Free Classified Advertising
• A Restaurant Review Site
• Rotating Advertising Banner Ssoftware
• Social Media Interaction Software
• special blogpages such a ConsignAmelia and Sears Hometown Stores
• and so much more

Going back and forth with the “experts” Judie and I learned a lot of what could qualify as a steep Internet Learning Curve, especially where it pertains to Google’s potential power play. It may be true that only influential and large websites are potential targets for hackers, phishers and spammers, but the danger of Google shutting a website down on suspicion alone is a very real threat to anyone building an internet business.

In conclusion this somehow makes it okay for us as we learned more about internet technology in the past two weeks than in the previous two years. It is with this knowledge we will take SearchAmelia to new heights in ranking and relevance, and further promote our little piece of Paradise in Northeast Florida.

We are grateful for the many emails we received from readers missing the daily subscriber feeds. We apologize for not having been able to report on the many activities, sporting and music events, charities and fundraisers our great island community organizes every week. Moving forward, we will be vigilant in protecting SearchAmelia from real and imagined malware attacks so we can continue to provide our viewers, both local and around the world, with the absolute best information regarding what Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Nassau County and Northeast Florida have to offer.


  1. Ameliaprivateeye

    It is nice to know that I am still capable of learning a mass amount of information in a very short amount of time… LOL

  2. Publisher

    You’re a champion. Guess the real challenge is to apply everything we’ve learned in a repeatable structure. Stepwise bullet point actions that turn into second nature. The Internet stays interesting.

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