A Tear of Happiness

amelia-island-weddingI happened to be a bystander at a beautiful wedding this weekend, May 24th. Search Amelia was asked to film some of it and I got to tag along. The couple just happened to have met some of our famous Pirate Club members at the Boardwalk Bash at the Spa and shops at Amelia Island Plantation, on Friday before the wedding. At the bride and groom’s request, a Pirate invasion was swiftly included in the wedding festivities. Only in Fernandina Beach can that be arranged so fast. LOL

When I arrived, I saw many of my Pirate friends making an arch with their swords for the bride to walk under and down the sandy aisle to join her husband-to-be. Then we all proceeded to watch the ceremony. I was really enjoying it and love to people watch. I was standing next to Lisa, pirate and friend, and witnessed a sight that instantly brought tears to my eyes. (She teased me about it of course.) I was like, “Do not tell anyone I am a softy.”

The sight that had touched my heart strings, was a gentleman sitting with his head bowed, shoulders shaking from tears and emotions while lightly tapping his cane in the sand. I knew instantly that it had to be the bride’s father.

After the wedding, when everyone was posing for pictures and having fun, I looked for the man who I felt was her dad and saw him sitting sideways in a car, facing the wedding party. Being the craziest social butterfly you’ll ever meet, I walked over and said, “You have to be the father of the bride.” Yep, sure enough he was. In the conversation that ensued, his sky blue eyes started getting cloudy again and I teasingly said, “Hey, don’t start that again or I will too, and I do not even know you people.” He kinda chuckled and started telling me how he had raised her since the age of three, never remarried and how she had been his complete life. We chatted a little more but I will keep it to myself, out of respect for him. I just felt privileged to be included and wish all of them the most extreme happiness.

Oh, and thank goodness he likes and trust the man his daughter married. I hope that may make it a might easier for him.

So where else can something like this happen on such short notice? I can tell you, not many places. Amelia Island is simply perfect and wonderful and quick to accommodate special wishes. Island life is not for everyone, but when the island gets in your blood, there is no other place you can think of that you would rather be.

TJ Seaton


  1. Cynnielynn

    The wedding was in the most beautiful setting and was unbelievably romantic. It was simple, yet lots of fun. The pirates were a great addition to their ceremony and it will be a story they will share some day with their children and grandchildren. Congratulations to the newlyweds!

  2. tommylee

    It was my first experience being on a visit to my buddy friends on Amelia. So a tagged along with videographer Han to “assist”. While standing behind the ceremony I noticed the “shaking” of the man as well. I sincerely wish the newlyweds a lot of happiness and prosperity in their life at the start of an Amelia Beach wedding invaded by Pirates. What a bunch. BlueBeard's decendents and he would have been proud of his ongoing legacy.

  3. tommylee

    I happened to come across this picture looking for the heritage of the New Hope Plantation Amelia Island and I'm surprised how accurate google “personalization” works. Simply amazing.

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