I’m hoping everyone weathered Hurricane Hermine’s wrath safely, but it has been over ten years since Florida has been hit with a land-falling hurricane.

If you need any reminders for what to do after a storm has passed, hopefully you will find these tips and links helpful:

After the Storm
-Do not operate any appliances that you suspect have been flooded or damaged
-Do not do any digging (to remove fallen trees) without locating utility lines (Dial 811)
-Watch for exposed nails and broken glass
-Stay away from downed power lines
-Do not wade through standing water – there could be diseases or creatures in there
-If your power is out for an extended amount of time, food in your fridge and freezers should be cooked or thrown away

For more information please visit:

Road closures:
Florida 511
Florida Highway Patrol

Florida’s Governor Rick Scott has asked us to get rid of all of the standing water once it is safe to do so after the hurricane passes.