Alex Sink for Florida Governor

Alex Sink has top issues in her run for Florida Governor such as jobs, the economy, education, energy, public safety and immigration.

Alex Sink for Florida Governor

Alex Sink for Florida Governor

Alex Sink is a woman ready to lead Florida. This Democratic candidate for Governor has years of real-world experience and is not a career politician.

Her list of priorities is shorter than others and includes jobs & the economy, education, government reform and accountability, energy, veterans and military issues, public safety and criminal justice, ethics and immigration.

You can read the full version of where she stands on the issues on her website. Sink is in favor of policies that permit businesses to grow and create new jobs. She was a teacher and is the spouse of a Veteran who wants to see ethics and accountability in politics and she feels the Federal government has dropped the ball on illegal immigration.

Sink has streamlined Florida’s government as CFO, and as Governor she will institute a Performance Score Card and hold the government accountable as she expects the voters to hold her accountable.

Check out her Business Plan for Florida for yourself and plan to vote in the Primary Election on August 24, 2010.

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