Ally's Truck is for SaleTruck for sale! That’s right, I have put my truck up for sale.

My 1998 Dodge Dakota is fun to drive with a 5-speed manual transmission. It has working air conditioning and two new front tires my parents gave me for my birthday.

The truck is certainly recognizable with its orange and yellow flaming paint job, over a metallic blue base coat. But, if you are a Gator fan, you will LOVE the coloring of this truck! Not only did my truck make the Top 15 List of cool cars in last year’s high school year book, but I NEVER have trouble locating it in a parking lot… ever!

There is a Tanneau cover installed, as well as an after market stereo I bought, and since my parents hardly ever let me go anywhere, the truck only has 118,382 miles.

I bought the truck two years ago, before I even had a drivers license, with money I had earned babysitting and I have been cruising all over East Nassau County in this cute little pick-em-up-truck for a year and a half.

My parents say this is an ideal first vehicle for a teenager. Mom and Dad were thrilled that I learned how to drive a stick and they say someday I’ll be glad I have that skill. And you can only imagine their happiness when they realized it is next to impossible to text and drive in Fernandina Beach if you drive a clutch! They never let me remove the Tanneau cover either, they said it would keep all of my high school friends from jumping into the bed of the truck for a ride home from school or to the beach.

truck-for-sale-fernandinaI think they just liked having a truck in the family when they needed to have something hauled home from Sears, Home Depot or Lowe’s.

This year I am a senior at FBHS and I’m in the CNA program. Since I have been already been accepted to several colleges, I decided I needed something more practical to haul my stuff to and from school next year and I found a deal on a vehicle that I could not pass up!

So, now, I am ready to part with my very first car. And my folks say, “Everyone remembers their first car!”

I have it priced at $2,000 (including a brand new, NEVER been used ice scraper and snow brush set and the black fuzzy dice hanging from the rear view mirror), though when I looked it up on Kelley Blue Book ( the private sale value was higher. All reasonable offers are welcomed as well as any donations you would like to make to my college fund!

Please call my dad, Lawrence Mackie, at (904) 583-1010 and leave a message for more information or to test drive this amazing vehicle.

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