There is a super, incredibly delicious BBQ event is this week beginning at 8:00 a.m. Thursday, and going through Saturday night, when they run out of food!

The Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) works often with county and LE officials honing the operation of its network of communications operations that might one day be called upon in an emergency situation in which regular channels fail.

This is unquestionably a fundraiser, but you don’t just hand over your money; they give you back some fabulous BBQ Chicken and Ribs!!!

Quantities are “Huuuuuge”, but despite increases on the supply side, the prices to you remain the same as last year.

You can also learn about ARES, and there will be a chance to check out some cool radio gear. Some of you might already be thinking you should get involved in this organization, and that’s a good idea…. just because!

The Bar-B-Q is this weekend, May 19 – 21, 2016.

Located in the church parking lot across from Ron Anderson Chevrolet, your purchase helps raise money to support the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, a group that works with Nassau County’s Emergency Management to provide communications support in times of disaster.

Dinner Prices:
Chicken with 2 sides, and a drink $6.00
Ribs with 2 sides, and a drink $8.00
Combo with 2 sides, and a drink $10.00
Slab of ribs $20.00

Sides are: beans, potato salad, or cole slaw.

Amateur Radio Bar-B-Q