trombonesIn the face of budget shortfalls, many programs and positions within the Nassau County School District have been cut. One program that will not continue for the 2009 – 2010 school year is the Elementary Band program at Emma Love Hardee Elementary. Instead, Amelia Arts Academy will sponsor the beginning band.

For eleven years, Music Educator Diane Demeranville, known by her students as Miss D, volunteered her time to direct the beginning band program. The band was housed in the school but was supported by volunteers and donations and did not receive funding from the school district. When Demeranville’s position was cut at Emma Love Hardee, she found she would no longer be able to continue the program at the school.

“We couldn’t bear to see such a wonderful program disappear,” says Pegge Ealum, executive director at Amelia Arts Academy. “We were thrilled when Miss D gave us the opportunity to take on the program.” Miss D’s Elementary Band is open to all children, ages 9 – 12.

The first band meeting will be held September 1st and children will have the opportunity to explore a wide array of band instruments to choose which one they would like to play. “I am so excited about having the band at Amelia Arts Academy,” says Demeranville. “It is a great opportunity for the children and will bring more awareness to the Academy.”

Amelia Arts Academy offers a number of supplemental programs that are becoming less available within the schools including an after school visual arts class that meets Sunshine State Educational Standards.

For more information about Miss D’s Elementary Band or other programs at Amelia Arts Academy, call (904) 277-1225 or visit their Web site.

Amelia Arts Academy is a registered 501C3 non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide high quality arts education to everyone. The Academy has been carrying out this mission since 1992 through individual instruction, group music lessons and ensembles, after-school art classes, programs for the disabled and disadvantaged, creative arts programs for seniors, community entertainment, guest performances, scholarship programs, and more.

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