Amelia Island Fall Lawn Care

To sell your home you need to take every opportunity to appeal to prospective buyers, your lawn is a major consideration.

Amelia Island Fall Lawn Care
By: Nick Deonas

If you are currently trying to sell your home you already know it is imperative that you set yourself apart from all the other properties on the market in your area. One consideration is what to do with your lawn now that the fall season is upon us. A lackluster lawn does not improve the curb appeal of your home, and could cost you precious dollars in the long run. An attractive front lawn creates a great first impression to potential buyers.

This is the perfect time to repair any summer damage and get ready for the winter season. If you take care of it in the fall and winter your will be sitting pretty when springtime comes around, which is the prime selling season. It has been reported that good landscaping can increase your home’s value up to 11 percent. When considering your overall landscaping keep in mind that the biggest component is the grass.

You must understand a few basics of the care of grass before you can show off a great looking lawn. You will want to loosen up the soil and let the grass breath. Grass needs air to grow. A good rule of thumb to remember is, if there is too much debris, such as leaves and dead grass cuttings and you can’t see the grass, it is time to start raking. Remove the leaves and clippings; this will enable air and sun to reach your growing grass.

You will want to consider fertilizing about every eight weeks with a slow-release fertilizer. For a green lawn in the spring the fertilizer is a must. Fertilizers will also help to winterize your lawn; helping with root development will help when the ground freezes. When cutting your grass you will want to keep it at about two and a half and three inches high. If you cut it too short it will cause stress and increase the need for fertilizer and water, this can weaken the root system.

If you will give your lawn the attention it needs in the fall and winter, the payoff will be worth it in the spring. For more information on taking care of your lawn visit Selling your home today requires that you take advantage of every opportunity to appeal to a prospective buyer, landscaping and lawn care is a major consideration. The old saying you only get one chance to make a great first impression hold true with what a buyer sees first.

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