Amelia Island Fishing in Late November

The fishing in and around Amelia Island these past few months has to be timed around the wind that just will not stop blowing. Many locals agree this has been one of the windiest falls we’ve experienced in many years. However, along with the higher than normal winds we have also experienced some of the best inshore fishing to date. Red bass, trout, flounder and sheep head have all been abundant and in good sizes.

The inshore scene remains good for all the species mentioned above. Live bait is still the best if you can find it available except for the sheep head. These guys just love a fresh fiddler crab. Try searching the local marshes near the high water mark as they too have been abundant.

For those who have braved the offshore scene you have undoubtedly found a seafood buffet at all the local inshore reefs. Gag grouper, red snapper, sea bass and cobia have all been reported and in awesome numbers just 9 miles east of Amelia Island. Fresh cut bait and squid have been by far the best in the way of bait with constant hook ups. To limit your fuel burn try running to FA first then to FC as this will give you a wide range of natural bottom to target with little running.

As far as the wind goes, NOAA predictions show we are in for some much calmer days with the offshore seas returning to more of a normal state. We’ll see, in the mean time have your offshore gear ready for action.

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