Amelia Island November Fishing Report

The past few weeks has seen a drop in nightly temperatures and cooler water temperatures. The winds have been blowing for 2 solid months now with no end in sight causing everyone to focus more on the inshore fishing scene. This year Amelia Island has experienced some of the best red bass fishing on the East Coast. These fish have been plentiful both in good sizes and great quantities making every fishing trip a success even for the novice angler. In addition to the reds, reports have been made on the arrival of the Florida flounder. Flounder are present year round here on the first coast but the really big “doormat” flounder enjoy the fall temperatures and move much closer to the shore.

A fresh live mud minnows should be used for bait or if available a live shrimp. Best bet to catch one of these “flat ties” of the sea is the jetties located at Ft. Clinch. If you walk out from the beach to the beginning of the rocks you’ll notice slightly deeper holes along the base of the rocks. Bounce your live bait along the bottom in these areas. Tackle should be spinning rod and reels in the 10lb class range and a small egg or sinker will be necessary to keep your bait on the bottom. Don’t forget to keep your live bait in a bait container and always in the ocean to re-oxygenate their water.

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