2009 Reader's Choice Conde' Awards
2009 Reader's Choice Conde' Awards
My in box has been blowing up with this latest news tip. Amelia Island has ranked #4 on the Conde’ Nast Traveler 2009 Readers Choice Awards for islands in North America. Scrolling down to North America you will see Amelia Island, Florida, in the number four position. We have been amazed at the number of hits SearchAmelia receives and now the popularity of Amelia Island has been confirmed! Just below Nantucket, Massachusetts, Amelia Island which is often compared to Hilton Head, South Carolina, placed four positions higher on the list than Hilton Head.

This is great timing for SearchAmelia.com because we recently launched our World’s Coolest Island Challenge. In this contest, we dare anyone to find a cooler island in the world than our own Amelia Island. This is your opportunity to make your case for or against islands around the world. It is easy to set up a blog site where you can add video or photos.

So, congratulations Amelia Island, now that you are #4 on the Conde’ Nast Travel best ten islands in North America, the challenge is on! Go to amelia-contest.com and get started today, the contest ends in mid-December, to win great prizes.

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