Amelia Island Spring Landscaping Tips

It is exciting when you walk your yard and see how springtime makes everything appear greener.

You cannot predict anything when it comes to Mother Nature, but you can reasonably assume that we won’t have any more freezes here in Northeast Florida. This means that it is time to get out in your yard and get dirty! Lots of things are happening in your landscape right now and you need to start doing the things that are needed to prepare your property for the growing season.

You can now comfortably trim back all cold damaged plants to maximize their growth potential in the coming weeks. Cut back all freeze damaged plants until you find green wood inside. Cut a small amount at a time so you don’t trim more than is needed. If you see new growth on plants like Hibiscus and Lantana trim back to this point. Trim all dead fronds off of your non cold hardy palms and see if the center of the palm (called the heart) is still green. If it is – then it probably survived the winter weather. You should see signs of your perennials, like Impatiens and Heather, starting to come back from the roots or bottom of the plant. Wait a little while before spending money to replace them until you see what comes back.

It is also time to fertilize your grass areas with a weed and feed or regular fertilizer. Use a weed and feed if you have a problem with weeds, as most Northeast Florida lawns do. If you are one of the lucky ones that does not have weeds in your lawn than use a High Quality Fertilizer with the numbers 16-4-8 for most St. Augustine varieties of grass. In my opinion, the actual fertilizer in regular fertilizers is much better than what you find in weed and feeds, but you must look at your lawn and determine which is best for your situation. Make sure that the fertilizer you use has a high percentage of slow release nitrogen so it will continue to feed your lawn for an extended period of time. If you are not sure, than don’t hesitate to ask a professional which is the right type.

You will find excitement when you walk your yard on a regular basis this time of the year and see how springtime makes everything appear greener and sparkle back to life!

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