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Home Based Businesses are all around us. Today's business deals entirely with in the nature of the beast

Dog Alert!

Dog Alert!

I almost religiously believe that there is always something to do to make additional money, no matter how insignificant it may sound or seem. Proof of this was a conversation I had this past week with a neighbor of mine complaining about the dog droppings that are left by the owners for others to step in.

I entertained his concerns as we both have dogs and questioned him as to what he thought was a good solution to this dilemma. His answer was this, “Do what you do best Jamie, create a home based business that can be proposed to the homeowner’s association to have this problem tended to”.

Well, I took his advice and began my research on this subject.  I quickly found through several searches on line that this is a huge issue for subdivisions and public areas, with no real solution in place. I made the proposal to our community association and found that they were well aware of these issues and willing to hire someone, but have found no one that offers this type of service.

They actually suggested I put a part-time home based business together for someone to take advantage of. It is nice to know how people view me as the guy to see for business ideas. So I did exactly that and this is what I have in mind for a home based business: Offer your services as the person who will come to communities and developments to take care of what our K-9 friends have left behind.

This would include you on a scheduled basis making sure certain common areas are free from this type of litter and made presentable for the next people who use it. In addition to local neighborhoods you can think of office parks, sports fields, even think about public meeting areas in communities. Although larger areas are more likely to use their own man power to deal with these chores, you can still offer them another, possibly less expensive alternative.

Also consider placing “doggie dispensers” within your city’s parks and common areas that house small plastic bags used for pet owners to clean up after their own pet, when nature has pressured them into action. These bags can then be sealed and placed in a trash can as the pet and pet owner continue their walk outdoors in a clean “pile free” environment.

Make a deal with Pedigree or Alpo, I’m sure you can get them to sponsor some. Work it through your local supermarket or pet supply store if you don’t know where to go to.  These semi Permanent fixtures are needed in so many places that you could find yourself overwhelmed with requests, if you’re the person servicing them. This type of home based business is definitely recession proof as the number of pets in domestic homes are on the rise and all have to “do their business” several times each and every day. If you’re considering a business such as this talk to your own subdivision or church. A bit of exposure could mean having your hands full.

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