Announcing a NEW Shrimp Festival Event

Shrimp Festival Parade is now on Saturday, but Thursday introduces a FREE concert at the Fernandina waterfront, May 2nd!

Announcing a NEW Shrimp Festival EventThursday, May 2, 2013, there will be a Pre-Festival Sunset Concert, sponsored by the Dog Star Tavern, from 6:00 to 9:00 PM.

Located at the foot of Centre Street, in Parking Lot B, you are invited to enjoy the sounds of the Parker Urban Band and at 7:45, Swamp Cabbage.

Here is some information about the bands, stolen directly from the World Wide Web:

“The Parker Urban Band is a family of musicians who appreciate musicology and groovology. Each member has a different variety of influences that all connect to a common thread. The joy and emotion starts here. The songs written hold a piece of personal history shared to the world. It is in their hopes to touch fans with their words and blues soul folk tinged sounds.”

Swamp Cabbage extracts as much music as possible from the quintessential rock and roll format – a guitar, bass and drum trio. The songs are built around gnarly unique southern- rock sounding riffs yet the rhythms derive from blues, soul and funk. The verses, choruses and bridges are threaded together by jazz and classical harmonic concepts that employ Parks’ musical training in those genres. In contrast the lyrics of the tunes are far less serious. Listen closely and take a satirical travelogue through Parks’ colorful northeast Florida upbringing replete with tales of door-to-door evangelism and living off the grid. In concert, Parks, a storyteller of sorts, challenges himself to spin comedic falsehoods of preparation for songs that follow. Every show is unique.”

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