Arresting Grinch to Reduce Holiday Crime

Greater Manchester Police sent over 1,000 cards warning known offenders to stay out of trouble or they'll be spending Christmas behind bars.

Arresting Grinch to Reduce Holiday CrimePolice across the nation are taking action, including rounding up the usual suspects, to keep your holiday season a little safer!

Greater Manchester Police sent over 1,000 cards warning known offenders to stay out of trouble or they’ll be spending Christmas behind bars.

Fake designer goods like football shirts, handbags and boots landed 37 folks in jail, and two more were arrested for loan sharking in a pre-Christmas strike against crime gangs in November.

‘Tis the season for break-ins, burglary, robbery and theft, but there are some things YOU can do to help stay safe this holiday season:
-Shop with a buddy, you are more likely to be a target when you are alone.
-Always park your vehicle in a well lit lot.
-Lock EVERYTHING – lock your doors and windows in your vehicle, as well as your home.
-Wear a handbag that goes across your body, so your hands are free for keys.
-Have the keys to your home or car, in your hand before leaving the safety of the store or your vehicle.
-Keep your handbag closed when shopping.
-Hide your purchases. Consolidate your bags so it looks like you have less than you really do.
-Crime can happen at any time, day or night. Always stay alert.
-Don’t be distracted by talking on the cell phone or texting.
-Criminals watch for easy targets. Put your valuables in the trunk of the car BEFORE you reach your next destination.
-Always check the back seat for potential criminals.
-Don’t always trust friendly strangers.
-Trust your gut instinct!
-NEVER open your door to a stranger!
-Leave lights on when you go out, or use timers. Consider leaving a radio or television on if you are out for the evening.
-Don’t advertise your empty home by telling everyone on social media when you will be gone for the holidays.
-Don’t let your wrapped presents be visable through your home’s windows.
-Do not leave the empty boxes of expensive presents outside for the garbage man. Break down boxes and drop them in a recycling container.
-Record serial numbers, etch a mark of identity onto your possessions, and take pictures of bicycles and electronics… just in case.
-When attending holiday parties plan for a designated driver.
-Don’t get too drunk – you could become a target!

Using these tips, and staying aware of the environment around you, could help you have a safe and happy holiday season.

Grinch photo found online, original photographer is unknown.

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