The Amelia Musical Playhouse will be holding auditions for Turning Tides: The Life and Times of Anna Kingsley. Auditions will be held on Saturday, February 2, 2019, from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. This is a new play written by Jennifer Harrison, a local historian. The story of Anna Kingsley, a West African slave and plantation owner’s wife, managed a large and successful agricultural operation in Northeast Florida.

Here are the available roles:
-The script calls for two women to play Anna Kingsley, one around 20 years old, and the other when she was in her 50’s.
-Zephaniah Kingsley, 50+, English-born plantation owner who was influential in Florida business and politics.
-George Clark 35-45, influential Florida landowner and businessman who was surveyor-general of Old Fernandina.
-Flora Clark, 40-50, an African slave bought and freed by George Clark, who helped with his businesses in Old Fernandina.
-Mary Mattair, 30’s, widow with two children given a land grant on the bluff overlooking the Amelia River at Old Town.
-Maria Mattair, 30’s, daughter of Mary who married a Spanish gunboat captain and ran a plantation in Yellow Bluff, selling her produce in Fernandina.
-Domingo Fernandez, 30-40, Spanish gunboat captain and pilot for ships entering Fernandina harbor. His Spanish land grant ran near the Mattair plantation; he married Mary Mattair.
-Captain Moreno, 40-60, captain of the Spanish gunboat patrolling the St. John’s River when the Spanish sought to take Florida from the French.
-Luis Aury, 30-50, flamboyant French-born pirate who made Amelia Island his operational base.
-Felipe, “Felipe the Witch,” a freed African slave who was a resident of Old Town.
-Susan Fatio L’Engle, 40-60, daughter of a wealthy Swiss plantation owner and close friend of Anna Kingsley.
-Madeliane L’Engle (any age) great, great, grand daughter of Susan L’Engle. She wrote books based on stories told to her by her “Greatie.”

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