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Electricity 101

The first step in getting electricity into your home involves harnessing energy into a usable form.

Home Energy

If I were to ask you how much energy you use on a daily basis, would you know the answer?

Fernandina Beach Dairy Queen Re-Opening

The fryers, soda machine, and the Blizzard (yay!) machine are all brand new; and yes, they will be carrying chocolate ice cream (something the previous owners had discontinued)!

Book Review – The Twilight Series

My sister, a high school freshman, has been bugging me to read her favorite series even though I carry a disdain toward reading romancy-pantsy girlie stuff.

Book Review: Iacocca: An Autobiography

I just read it for the first time‚ 25 years after its release, and it is amazing how the problems he had to address are still plaguing industries today.

Play, Carouse and Swim with the Manatees

Play with the trichechidae! Carouse with the sea cows! Take your families to the manatees! This Monday, December 21st will be an event you don’t want to miss!