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Learning from Foolish Mistakes

Believing that a decision is permanent is usually fatal. Sometimes a “best choice” is temporary, and needs to be refreshed over time to remain a good decision.

Everyone is Afraid of Something

People you meet on a daily basis are far more afraid of life and its personal or perceived dangers than what you would presume.

Why Everybody loves Christmas!!

Living is actively getting off your butt and into the mess, learning, moving, becoming a force in yourself instead of being taken over by it.

Time is here and now

Get into the present and grab your time and don’t worry about the past or what problems you might face in the future.

You’d Better Get to Know Me Soon

This kind person was contacting me to show how I could call the bank using his name (which is also my own) and the bank will give me millions of dollars.

Facing pain head on

There were many times when I wished I could just reach into their lives in some way and pull the pain out of their hearts.