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Negativity is not your friend!

Isn’t it time to make that “Voice of Criticism” shut up, and to start making a mental turn to believing in yourself and the great things you can do if you would only try?

What Is Your Mind Feeding On?

The mind absorbs whatever it is fed; it is not inherently prejudiced, racist or violent but if you do not feed it balance, it will eat excess.

Is Wisdom on your Bucket List?

Many truths are sitting within the world we have been given and are waiting for us to be rediscovered and apply to make our world better.

Are You Ready for the New Year

Life puts the same decisions before us until we get it right, and then we may go to the next level, whatever that is.

The First Official Christmas

December 25th was a renowned pagan Holiday that was so well celebrated, that it became the most convenient day to combine the various festivities of Christmas.