Author Archive: Dr. Keith Johnson

Time for You to Speak Up

You are the moves you make. Take your chances win or lose. See yourself… you are the steps you take to succeed.

Once Upon a Time

What kind of world would we live in, if this “Once upon a Time’ tale would turn into a true story?

I am Better with Women Now…

Time for me to take the advice of experts and start abusing women, treating them mean and getting any woman that I want.

Have you met Wisdom Yet?

Wisdom is the ability to tell the difference (good and evil, love and hate etc.) and use this knowledge to its optimal potential.

Why is Growing Up So Hard?

Decisions and their consequences pave our way to eternity. Don’t forget that you can always change your path if your road is leading nowhere.

Can You Reach Me?

Dr. Keith Johnson gives inspirational advice on accepting help when emotions and matters of the heart get us down.

How Do We Deal with Guilt?

Confessing and Dealing with guilt in a positive and responsible manner, will make life a lot easier to face.